Liaoning honghao chemical industry co., LTD is a hong flew electrical appliance manufacturing (group) co., LTD., invested by integrating r&d, production and sales as one of the private high-tech enterprises (hereinafter referred to as: hong's son chemical), founded in April 2010, the registered capital is 100 million yuan RMB. Located in liaoyang national high-tech industrial development zone, the factory covers an area of 54400 square meters and a building area of 21,260 square meters. There are 80 employees, of whom more than 40% are professional technicians. The company specializes in fine chemical industry, boro-10 acid is the company's current core product.

Honghaochemical industry since its establishment, has to the north nuclear fuel components Co., Ltd., Shanghai silicate research institute, Chinese academy of medical sciences, Chinese academy of sciences institute of medicine, Beijing, lanzhou institute of chemical physics, Chinese academy of sciences institute of suzhou university, Yantai Dongcheng Biochemicals Co., Ltd., Qingdao jin jing LingKai pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shanghai science and technology Co., Ltd., and other institutions and corporate sales of boron - 10 acid products. Users feedback shows that our company produces the boron - 10 acid product quality has reached the boron - 10 enterprises existing standard Q/LNHHC acid 001-2016, and all the indexes can meet the requirements of customers to use the product. ​​​​