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Tert-butyl glycine CAS:6456-74-2


 Product introduction 
The product is a new project of honghao chemical industry, which has been industrialized and used in the field of organic material synthesis, medicine and biopharmaceuticals. Is the asymmetric synthesis of chiral amino acids and important intermediates, peptide synthesis in recent years, starting with glycine tert-butyl ester as raw materials, in new drug synthesis and biochemical research field application is very broad, such as, the synthesis of amino acid and its derivatives such as - L - S - adenosine homocysteine (AdoHcy) analogues, L - dopa tert-butyl ester and its analogues, and new drug synthesis such as cockscomb C, verdigris bacterium element 298 - A, biphenyl mycophenolic element B, etc.

 Quality index 




Colorless liquid



Density (25℃),g/cm3


 Application field 

 Our advantages 
1. Mature technology and advanced technology
2. Large production and high industrial level

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