The diamond nitride boron crystal layer is developed in the United States for high power devices
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In May 2016, the materials at the university of north Carolina researchers have developed a new technology, the diamond deposition on the surface of the cubic boron nitride (BN) C, combined into a new single crystal structure.
The material can be used to make high-power devices, such as solid-state transformers needed to create next-generation smart grids; It can also be used to make tools, high-speed machining and deep-sea drilling equipment.
C-bn is a cubic crystalline boron nitride (BN). It has the following advantages: c-bn has high band gap, which makes it very attractive for high power devices; C-bn can be "doped" to have a positive, negative charge layer, which means it can be used to make transistors. When exposed to oxygen, the surface forms a stable oxide layer that stabilizes it under high temperature conditions.