Boron carbide application
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Boron carbide is a solid solid that is harder than silicon carbide or tungsten carbide, and the alloy material made of aluminum is called synthetic diamond, which was used as a coarse abrasive material long ago. Although its own melting point is high, it is not easy to cast artificial products, but through the high temperature smelting powder, it can be processed into simple shape. It can be used as a gun nozzle in the arms industry. Boron carbide is easy to make and relatively cheap, and its greatest use is in the military industry. Boron carbide can also be used as a ceramic coating for warships and helicopters. It has a light weight and has the ability to resist penetrating the thermal pressure coating to form an overall protective coating. It can also be used for grinding, grinding, drilling and polishing of hard materials such as hard alloy stones, making and smelting boron steel, boron alloys and special welding.